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One-Handed Wonder

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

1:50 PM - Beginning my first update in quite some time. Why? Well because I have some interesting news that's scarier than Halloween (I know it's November 1 but still). On Monday I had my 6th brain surgery, 7th if you count my radiosurgery in 2010. This one was a little different that before. Rather than a full craniotomy and wide incision on half of my head with my hair shaved, this time I opted for a stereotactic biopsy with laser ablation. This procedure occurred on Monday, October 29 and I was home...wait for it... TUESDAY OCTOBER 30! Another great positive is that I only have TWO stitches (pic below comparing last surgery to this one). The negative is more swelling than usual caused by the procedure. Due to my tumor location being up against my motor strip, my left hand is very very weak and motor skills are quite lacking. I need help dressing, opening/closing things, anything you can think of that requires both hands I am trying to tackle with one. It will get better with time. I'm getting frustrated and being so hard on myself when I have to remember it's been 3 freaking days since my head was opened on the operating table and a laser was directed at the tumor, killing the cells.

2016 vs 2018

I couldn't begin to thank Dr. Lee for being such an amazing surgeon, allowing me to put my trust in him time and time again. If it wasn't for his calm presence and positive outlook, this journey would be much more difficult for myself and my family. Everyone at Henry Ford Hermelin Brain Tumor Center is incredible and truly cares about the well-being of all patients. As a matter of fact, the team won an 'Excellence in Care' award through the Hour Detroit's Top Doctors issue. Here is the link, You may recognize a familiar face :) Maybe this time it'll be my big break into Hollywood.

Anyway, life has been good. I've moved again for the 6860th time but this time I think I'll be staying quite a while. I moved to Livonia with my boyfriend (pictured below) and it's been wonderful. He's also been a great 'nurse' these past few days...even stayed the night in the hospital with me which we all know, with all the beeping and dinging of the machines, isn't the most comfortable place for a slumber party.

Lastly, for this moment, I want everyone to enjoy the daily dose of Kennedy. My love for her takes up nearly whole heart.

2:08 PM - my right hand is tired so time for a break. Thanks for stopping by, I won't be a stranger anymore so hopefully you won't either!

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