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Thankfulness & Gratitude

You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

For those of you who know me well should know that I love a good, positive quote in my life. For a while at work I would send a handful of positive, inspirational or motivational quotes out to a select group of people in an effort to brighten up their day. This trend came to an end when we became tied up in audit world and department relocation, and I take full credit for letting this fall to the floor. I don't think I realized the impact that these small but positive messages had on my work family, and with abruptly stopping or some days getting too busy to forget, that this could have caused an interrupt in someone's day if they were expecting an optimistic message to pop up in their Outlook inbox. Maybe they drove into work in a bad mood and thought to themselves 'that email will cheer me up' and the email never came, what happened to their day? Do I take responsibility for not cheering them up? That may be a little far fetched, but consistency is key and if people count on something, you should really try not to let them down. Hard? YES. Life is busy, but think of the impact.

The reason I bring this up is because I want to share quotes within these blog posts, and the theme of the one above is thankfulness & gratitude. Yesterday filled my heart so incredibly much and my goal here is to make sure that everyone knows how much of an impact they had on my Friday. Yesterday was a long day and without mentioning names I want to say thank you to the following people:

  • The friend who left work just to pick me up from my house so I could attend a special event at work. Thank you for taking an hour out of your day just to leave and return to the same place with one extra body of someone who can't drive on their own just yet.

  • The new friend and her dog who stopped over during the day to share a book with me, which she wrote, that I can't wait to read to understand more of her personal, similar journey battling a brain tumor

  • The multiple people at work who genuinely care for me, who were excited to see me, hug me, and ask me how I was doing. This includes people I don't talk to regularly but who know what's going on and wanted to make sure I was OK

  • The pan of brookies made for me by my bosses wife (still not naming names :) ) - if you don't know what a brookie is, it's a combination of a brownie & a cookie and tastes like heaven

  • To the friend who is always willing to join for a good time. Who will talk to you about anything and everything, who goes with the flow and is one to count on. Also, thank you for allowing a post-dinner, pre-concert nap time in your car.

  • To the friend who kept asking what kind of food I like so she can bring a delicious meal to my home because who doesn't love food and who doesn't have food in their top 3 things that will cheer them up at any time?

  • To those at work who told me they read my blog and enjoyed it. To the woman at work who told me if I need any help with Henry Ford to let her know because she used to work there. To those at work who asked how to find out when I post more blogs because they are interested in joining me through my journey. Did I mention these are not people I talk to regularly, but who CARE??

  • To those who I haven't spoken to in a while. This includes individuals who I haven't talked to in a few months, but also in 10 years. These people have reached out to express their concern and to let me know I am in their thoughts & prayers, and that they are sending positive vibes my way. This was one of the most incredible parts of my day, and I hope everyone knows how much of an impact they have had on me this far.

  • To my best friend that lives across the country and Face-timed with me in the morning. Your face never fails to brighten my day. I wish you were here but I know I will see you in August and I am counting the days.

  • To my friends who took it upon them to share my post on Facebook with my blog link. The words you used to describe my documented thoughts was so kind and I appreciate all of the shares because, I can't say this enough, spreading awareness is key.

  • To my wonderful boyfriend who kept me busy throughout the day with a chore list he put together. Most people would hate this, but it keeps me focused and did I mention it even included a nap?? He knows the way to my heart.

I know think to myself: why do people do these such amazing things, why are there such great humans in the world that I have missed out on knowing for 28 years? They don't get anything out of it. Why am I so accustomed to thinking we live in a selfish world that only consists of actions that will result in self-gain? Why am I now thinking that the reason people are being so nice is because I am going through these hard times and it's just a 'pity party' for me? I think I need to remind myself that there are nice, genuine, selfless people in the world who aren't interested in throwing pity parties for people, but who are just more interested in helping and spreading love.

I will leave this post by saying that today I am excited to attend my first support group at Henry Ford West Bloomfield with Curtis and my sister. The topic is "Quality of Life" and the speaker is my Neuro-Oncologist, Dr. Tobias Walbert. I am looking forward to this, as well as attending the rest of the groups that take place the 3rd Saturday of every month. If anyone is ever interested in joining me, let me know! The groups are open to anyone, not just patients and caregivers. The more awareness that is spread, the more people we can help.

I love you all!

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